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2019 Prospectus for Self-support Programs at Lanzhou University

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2019 Prospectus for Self-support Programs at Lanzhou University

Lanzhou University, founded in 1909 , is one of the earliest higher education universities built in modern China and is a comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education in China. It is also one of the key construction universities of the national "985 Project" and "211 Project", and is one of the national "double first-class" construction universities.

Lanzhou University boasts of a wide range of disciplines, covering all 12 disciplines and has a large number of advantageous disciplines in chemistry, physics, materials science, earth science, plant zoology, mathematics, engineering, biology and biochemistry, environment and ecology, clinical medicine, medicine and toxicology, and agricultural science.

In 2019, Lanzhou University enrolls self-support students from all over the world.

I.Application time

Degree students: March to July

Non-degree students: January to December

Summer Chinese programApril to June


II. Study duration

Bachelor’s Degree is 4 years (medical specialty is 5 years), Master’s Degree is 2-3 years, Doctoral Degree is 4 years.


III. Applicant’s qualification

1. Application is open to applicants who own non-Chinese citizenship in good health condition.

2. Age limit:

Chinese language learners or general scholars must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be under the age of 50;

Senior scholars must have a master's degree or above and be under the age of 50;

Bachelor degree applicants must have a high school diploma and be under the age of 25;

Master degree applicants must have a Bachelor degree and be under the age of 35;

Doctoral degree applicants must have a Master degree and be under the age of 40;

3.      Chinese language requirements

Those who do not have the corresponding HSK certificate must have 1-2 years of Chinese language study, and they can obtain professional qualifications before starting major study. HSK level requirements are as follows

Undergraduate Education--Literature, History, and Philosophy: HSK Level 4 (210 or more)Other majorsHSK Level 4 (195-209)Chinese LanguageHSK level 4 (180  or more), HSKK (medium Level 40 or more).

Postgraduate education--literature, history, philosophy: HSK5 (180 or more); Other majors: HSK4 (210 or more).


IV. Application Documents

Applicants must truthfully complete and submit the following application materials:

1.Online application form for international students of Lanzhou university (Need to register and apply through our online application service system: )

2. Copy of Foreigner’s Physical Examination Form in English. The physical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner’s Physical Examination Form . Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid.

3. Notarized version of applicant’s highest diploma and certificate. (Documents in other languages must be accompanied by a notarized translation in Chinese or English. A copy of graduation certificate or degree certificate and English version of the certificate. Senior students should provide certificate which can show their expected date of graduation. Original diploma must be presented when you come to register).

4. Notarized version of applicant’s transcripts. Need original transcripts for all courses of the obtained highest degree (Documents in other languages must be accompanied by a notarized translation in Chinese or English)

5. Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English by different professors or associate professors. (No need to provide this letter if applying Bachelor’s or non-degree.)

6. Personal Statement. Must include self introduction, education background and learning goals in Chinese or in English (no less than 800 words).

7. Non-criminal certificate.

8. Proof of economic status.

9. Proof of English or Chinese proficiency. (Such as HSK 4 and above, TOFEL score 80 or above, IELTS score 5.5 and above, GRE).

10. Copy of valid passport.


V. Application procedure

1. Log in onto International students service system of Lanzhou University and finish online application. (

2. Complete the applicant information and upload all required materials.

3. Enquiry admission results (about mid-July).

The admission time generally in early September 2019,the specific time is based on the Admission Notice. Admitted students must follow the registration procedures at the student affairs’ office in International Cultural Exchange School of Lanzhou University strictly in accordance with the specified time in the admission notice. Those who fail to register during the specified enrollment time will be disqualified from enrollment.

(Note: Online registration is a prerequisite procedure for applying. Our school will not accept paper application materials if there is no online application.)


VI. Contact Information
Miss Wang Shan, Miss Xie Fei
Tel: 0086-931-8912853, 0086-931-8914290
Mailing address: School of International Cultural Exchange, Lanzhou University
222 South Tianshui Road, Lanzhou 730000, Gansu Province, P. R. China
Office location: Office 701, Student activity center, Main Campus, Lanzhou University.


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