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1. Long-term Non-degree Chinese Language and  Culture Program

  Each semester,  the School of International Cultural Exchange organizes language-teaching classes at elementary,  intermediate and advanced levels. Students are to be placed in classes that suit them best by taking a proficiency test. The spring semester usually starts from late February and the autumn semester from early or middle September. A semester usually consists of 18 weeks with 20 class hours of language courses per week.

Applicants must be in good physical and psychological condition.

    Documents Necessary for Application
1. International student’s application form for Lanzhou University

Please log on the Online Application System (click to entre) to make an application successfully and then print the form out and sign your name.

2. A  photocopy of passport and a recent photo (white background, 35mmx45mm in  size)
After receiving and examining the application  materials, Lanzhou University will send the Admission Notice, JW202 form and  other relevant documents to the applicants of spring semester before January 10th and the applicants of autumn semester before July 10th.

2.  Short-Term Chinese Language and Culture Programs

        A.  Short-term Program for Group Students
In addition  to the regular short-term summer program, the college also runs short-term  programs for groups of international students (15 people or above) all year  round. Courses can be specially designed upon request, with language courses in  combination with lectures, field trips, industry visits and so  on.
    B. Individual short-term students can apply to study with long-term students.

    Tuition and Other Fees
A. Registration  Fee:  RMB 600                          
B. Study Tuition: Long-term: RMB11,000/Year, RMB5,500/Semester


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