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Seminar on Education and Teaching for International Students Held In Lanzhou University

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On December 8, Seminar on Education and Teaching for international Students, as one of Lanzhou University 110th Anniversary Celebration Series Activities, was held in Conference Room 201 of Yifu Science Hall. Mr. Pan Baotian,Vice-president of Lanzhou University, Mr. Zhai Jinming, director of Education Service Certification Department of China Association for International Educational Exchange, Mr. Zhanghong, director of International Affairs Office of Gansu Education Department, Ms. Wang Xiaoqin, secretary general of Gansu International Cultural Exchange Association,leaders of Teaching Unit for international Students in Lanzhou, leaders of relevant departments of Lanzhou University, and all faculty members and representatives of international students attended the seminar. The seminar was presided by Zhao Zebin, secretary of the Party branch of School of International Cultural Exchange.

       In his speech, vice-president Pan Baotian expressed his hope that School of International Cultural Exchange should make a serious summary on the work of education and teaching for foreign students through this meeting, exchange the experience with various universities more often, further promote the work of education and teaching for foreign students to a new level based on the theme of expanding the scale and improving the quality, and make due contribution to the construction of World-class universities and world-class disciplines.

        Director Zhang Hong highly affirmed the convening of the seminar in his speech. He hoped that Lanzhou University and other universities in Gansu Province would continuously improve their quality awareness, take the promotion of certification as an opportunity, and strive to make greater progress in the education and teaching of foreign students in our province.

       At the seminar, Zhai Jinming, Director of Education Service Certification Department of China International Association for Educational Exchange, made a keynote report on "Research on Quality Assurance System for International Students in China". He pointed out that with the vigorous development of international students education in China, the quality certification of international students in China was a new requirement for the opening education in the new era, and was the general trend of the development of international education in China. The quality certification of international education in China separated "management", "teaching" and "evaluation", coordinated with the implementation of national policies, helped schools to establish a scientific education and teaching framework system, and provided optional basis and reference for international students in China. This would help to solve the practical problems accumulated over a long period of time in the development of the cause of international education in China, thus promoting the healthy and sustainable development of this cause. Zhai Jinming hoped that colleges and universities could prepare earnestly and actively according to the core standards of quality certification, strived to pass the certification as soon as possible, and promoted the continuous improvement of the quality of enrollment and training of foreign students in China.

       Professor Zu Xiaomei from Nankai University, professor Zheng Yanqun from Beijing Language University and professor Wu Heping from Northwest Normal University gave reports on "Theory and Practice of Cross-cultural Teaching in Chinese Language Teaching", "Research on Chinese Teaching from the Perspective of Educational Technology", "Beyond the Explanatory Paradigm-Grammar Research of" Second Language Teaching" and Trend of Chinese Grammar Teaching in China" respectively. Based on the current teaching and research achievements, the Faculty of School of International Cultural Exchange communicated and discussed in depth with the experts and scholars participating in the seminar.

       Zhang Wengang, dean of the School of International Cultural Exchange, introduced the basic situation and development ideas of the work of foreign students in Lanzhou University under the theme of "Education for Foreign Students in China During the Developing Period". He said that the School should take this seminar as an opportunity to strengthen the discussion and exchange with colleges and universities both inside and outside the province, focus on the connotation construction, and constantly improve the level of running the School.

        The seminar was held in the context of the implementation of the spirit of the National Education Conference, the spirit of the National Conference on Undergraduate Education in New Era and the spirit of the 2018 Undergraduate Education Conference of Lanzhou University. The successful commencement of this seminar will play an active role in promoting the implementation of the Ministry of Education's Higher Education Quality Standard for international Students in China and in doing a good job in education and teaching for international students in Lanzhou University.

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