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School First Organized Online Thesis Defense of Undergraduates

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In view of the fact that international students cannot return to school during the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to ensure that the 2020 Undergraduate Students majoring in Chinese language complete the defense on time, the thesis defense of this year's graduates of our college is conducted online.


Under the careful guidance of the faculty, all the students passed the plagiarism checker before the defense and obtained the qualification of defense. In order to ensure the successful completion of the online defense for the first time, administrator conducted software use training and organized the foreign students to conduct the defense rehearsal, so as to ensure the formal defense procedure is clear and orderly.

At 2:30pmon June 5th, , 20 students from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Turkey and South Korea logged online on time. Teachers of the college who acted as defense judges also took their places in classrooms 702 and 704.

This online defense was divided into two groups, which mainly adopted ZOOM and Tencent conference platforms, and strictly followed the offline defense procedures and quality standards. The defense was divided into personal statement, judges commenting, students answering questions. Students presented their thesis through online PPT presentation. Judges commented on the topic selection, structural design, language expression, writing standards and other aspects of students' papers, meanwhile, gave suggestions for revision, and raised questions on the relevant content; students answered two questions completely. The defense secretary recorded the whole process. At the end of the defense, 6 students got the grade of excellent paper after the review by the judges.


The defense is a complete success with strict organization and standard procedure. It has accumulated valuable experience for the development of international students and online teaching activities in the future.

The topics of the theses of Chinese language majors in 2020 include comparative study of Chinese and foreign language elements, comparative study of literature and culture, translation study, study on the use of New media in language learning, Study on Chinese cultural communication in countries along the " Belt and Road Initiative" and study on acculturation of foreign students in China, which not only closely combines the training objectives and requirements of Chinese language majors, but also reflects the unique perspective of foreign students.


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