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School organized Outward Bound Activities

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In order to enrich foreign students’ afterschool life, improve their psychological and physical qualities, strengthen their communication and friendship, and train their teamwork spirit, the School of International Cultural Exchange organized 38 foreign students who are members of foreign students’ union and class committee to participate in the one-day Outward Bound activities on April 15th in Yuzhong county.

The whole training consists of the opening ceremony, training activities, and the closing ceremony. The opening ceremony aims to develop the team consciousness through team construction pacing the road for next activities. The first program, “Jump over a Broken Bridge with High Altitude”, is set to build students’ confidence by challenging their limits and experiencing the fun. The second program, “Going through the Electronic Grid”, lays stress on the team cooperation, plan making, and “Never Give Up” spirit. The third program, “A Team and One Drum”, is meant to cultivate the teamwork spirit. The last program, “The Emperor’s New Suits”, asks every member  to use newspapers and tapes to design a fashion cloth in a limited period of time. By explaining the design inspiration by a short sitcom, the whole team shows their wisdom and creativity.

The one-day training activities built the team consciousness in foreign students’ mind and furtherly improve their team cohesiveness. On their way back to school, students are all excited about these activities and hope our teachers would organize more events like this, saying it is meaningful.

Some students shared their experiences with others telling how much  they enjoyed the process after knowing they could do more than what they have thought

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