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University shuttle bus

There is shuttle bus commuting between main campus and Yuzhong campus, 30 minutes one-wayRMB 6 paid by student card, RMB 10 by cash. Departure time can be found on the university website.

AirportMain campus

You can choose these two vehicles

1.    Airport shuttle bus: RMB 30 (airport→campus: terminal stop located right opposite the university; campus→airport: departure stop located in ticket office of CAAC  which is about 400 meters away from univerisity). About 60 minutes one-way.

2.    Taxi: about more that RMB 100. About 50 minutes one-way.

Railway StationMain campus

1.    Bus: you can take No.1, No.131, No.16, No.110 to railway station (RMB 1, 2 stops )

2.    Taxi: about RMB 10.


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