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Hi, dear friends, my name is Viktoriya, I came to Lanzhou University from Uzbekistan. Two years ago I applied for IMBA program and now I became a member of big university family here in China.
  During my first year of study I had an opportunity to learn a lot about Chinese culture and language, and liked that very much as China is unique with its long history, literature, art, natural landscapes and sceneries.
  I like an atmosphere here at the university, people are very kind and hospitable, university life is full of different events and festivals such as Cultural Day, University trips and many others.
  Teachers are high qualified, most of our professors in IMBA are coming from abroad, for instance, German, France, United States, New Zeland and etc., so I've got amazing experience during the study, as lectures were really cognitive for me.
  Here in Lanzhou University I met many friends from different countries and was happy to learn from them about their culture and tradition, try their national food, enjoy communication.
  Finally, I'd like to say that university is growing and developing with the city, so I hope that more and more students will apply for Lanzhou University's programs and share student life with us!


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