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Aman Khan Publish Research Results in Biosensors & Bioelectronics

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    Recently, Aman Khan, A Pakistani doctoral candidate in lanzhou university, published a research paper titled "A Novel Biosensor for Zinc Detection Based on Microbial Fuel Cell System" in the top international journal Biosensors & Bioelectronics (IF9.518). Aman Khan and El-sayed Salama are the first authors, professor Li XiangKai from School of Life Sciences is the corresponding author. The first completed unit is the Key Laboratory of Cell Activity and Adversity Adaptation of the Ministry of Education.In this study, Escherichia Coli was modified through synthetic biology to be able to sense the concentration of Zn2+ in the solution and produce riboflavin accordingly.The Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) was used as a biosensor to monitor the amount of Zn2+ in the waste water in real time.At the same time, the research team also developed mobile phone software to realize remote real-time monitoring.The accuracy of this method for detecting Zn2+ ions is comparable to that of traditional methods, and the cost is lower.

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    Aman Khan received a scholarship from the Chinese Government in 2015 to study for a PhD in microbiology under the supervision of professor Li XiangKai, School of Life Sciences, lanzhou university.During doctoral study, Aman Khan participated in the publication of papers with a total impact factor of 108.65.In 2017,  won the honor of "National Outstanding Foreign Students".


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