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Notice on Preventive measures and Control strategies of School of International Cultural Exchange against Pandemic

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Second wave of coronavirus is spreading globally, and local epidemic cases have occurred in some areas of China. The epidemic prevention and control situation is serious, so in order to ensure the safety of our students and campus “The National, Provincial and University epidemic prevention and control strategy” requirements are notified below.


1-Students in China are not allowed to leave Lanzhou except any emergency:

From now on (including winter holidays), students are not allowed to leave Lanzhou city except emergency, update daily health status on time, and it is prohibited to visit medium and high risk areas. If you really need to go out of Lanzhou for important piece of work, you need to provide specific reasons, leave intentions, and must go through the leave application formalities according to the requirement of School of International Cultural Exchange. You can leave Lanzhou only when your leave application is approved. When going out personal protection should be followed and your travelling data should be recorded in detail and itinerary information should be recoded (air / train tickets).Once you leave Lanzhou (with granted  permission) you can not return to university before semester begins (under normal circumstances), and itinerary/travelling data card should be provided once in every 10 days, please remember before returning to university you need to apply to get permission to enter the university and report the planned return time and itinerary data and health code. After your application is approved you can buy ticket to return. Please note the school will deal strictly if any student is found that he/she left Lanzhou without approved leave application.


2-Students out of China (overseas) are not allowed to enter China or University:

At present, students outside of China are not allowed to enter China or University before receiving a formal returning notice from the School of International Cultural Exchange in accordance with the requirements of "Five disciplines". Please make sure to take personal safety measures, actively contact your (major) school to carry out online learning courses and timely update your health status in respective WeChat groups.


3-Improve protection awareness:

1)It is necessary to maintain good personal hygiene habits all the time, also pay attention to your personal protection awareness, use face masks, wash hands frequently, ventilation, avoid gatherings“maintain one-meter distance”, covering coughs and sneezes.

2) Avoid crowded places and maintain social distance. use  masks on public transports.

3) Pay attention to your health and if there is any symptom of fever & cough first of all wear disposable medical mask and go to the clinic or hospital in time for the proper diagnosis & treatment and also report to the School of International Cultural Exchange as well as avoid public transportation during medical treatment.

4) If there is any travelling history to the epidemic-related areas, especially medium and high-risk areas, please immediately report to the school and cooperate with the preventive measurements such as case investigation, nucleic acid testing, isolation and medical observations.

5) Please Store enough epidemic preventive material & daily necessities, besides this try to reduce the frequent visits to super markets and to the crowded places.



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