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International Chinese Language Day— “Chinese Language: Together For a Bright Future” Notice on the “My China Story” Short Video Competition Event

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Participants for the event:

All test candidates, Chinese language learners, and Chinese culture enthusiasts worldwide.


Video work themes:

1. Stories about learning Chinese;

2. Opportunities the HSK test has brought you;

3. Chinese elements you have encountered in your hometown (including persons, things, events, or anything reminiscent of China in any country or region);

4. Demonstration of Chinese calligraphy works;

5. Your life as an international student in China.

Any of the five themes above is welcome.


Event schedule

Ø Collection: April 20 to May 20, 2022

Ø Initial appraisal: May 20 to June 10, 2022

Ø Online appraisal: June 10 to June 30, 2022

Ø Expert appraisal: June 30 to July 15, 2022

Ø Award ceremony: End of July, 2022


Requirements and format for video works

1. Individual participants may submit only one work.

2. There is no limit to the number of works that may be submitted in the name of a school or institution.

3. Works shall focus on the given themes, with means of demonstration including but not limited to speeches, recitations, talk shows, performances, and calligraphy.

4. Videos shall be dubbed in Chinese with corresponding Chinese subtitles and shall last for between one and three minutes.

5. Videos shall be a high-definition MP4 in format, with a file size of no more than 100 MB.

6. Videos shall be clean in image, without any corner marks, TV station logos, watermarks, or labels.

7. Horizontal shooting and use of the rear camera are recommended for videos recorded on mobile phone. Please ensure the phone is kept stable while shooting.

8. Videos and accompanying registration form shall be sent to sicelgk@lzu.edu.cn.cn.

9. The email subject shall be presented in the following uniform format: “Nationality + Author’s name + Work title + Author’s email.”



1. Participants are forbidden to submit others’ works. Those who violate this regulation will be disqualified from the event.

2. Copyright statement: The contributors shall guarantee that the works they submit are their own personal creations and that they hold full copyright of any works they submit. The contributors’ copyright (excluding the right of authorship) and related link rights of submitted works shall be deemed to have been granted to the event organizer from the date of the submission of their works. The contributors have the right of authorship and shall be held responsible for all the domestic and overseas copyright infringements arising from the dissemination and publication of the works they submit.

3. Works shall be authored by the contributors themselves, and all the legal responsibilities concerning the copyright, right of authorship, right of portrait, right of privacy, and other legal issues involved shall be borne by the contributors themselves with the organizer assuming none of such responsibilities. The organizer, undertaker and co-organizers only provide platforms for the organization and appraisal of the event and the selection and awarding of winners.

4. The works shall be free of violent or pornographic content, content that discriminates on religious racial grounds, and implanted advertisements, and shall embody the ultimate goal of pursuing positive energy.

5. The organizer reserves the right of interpretation to this event. All participants in the event shall abide by its rules. All the contributors shall observe relevant laws and regulations. Once their works are submitted, the contributors shall be deemed to have willingly accepted the above-mentioned rules.


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