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The 7th International Culture Festival of Lanzhou University

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In order to enrich the school life, build school cultural brand, show different foreign cultural specialty, promote Chinese traditional culture, set up a friendly platform between Chinese and foreign students, and create an international atmosphere in school, Lanzhou University held the 7th International Culture Festival on December 24th. The festival consists two parts which are of the foreign culture exhibition and artistic performance. President Yan Chunhua , Vice-president Pan Baotian, and over 2,000 teaching faculty and students were present in this festival.

In the afternoon, the  foreign culture exhibition is held at the old gymnasia of Lanzhou University; Pan Baotian was present and communicated with students friendly. The exhibition was presented by different countries, and foreign students demonstrated their own culture and specialties from different visions. There were crafts, coins, nature scenes pictures, and delicious food made by students themselves. All the visitors tasted the food and experienced different cultures.

In the evening, the performance was held in the auditorium of Students Centre. Yan Chunhua , Pan Baotian, some administration staff, related leaders of Division of Exit & Entry Administration of Public Security of Lanzhou, and over 1,000 teaching faculty and students watched the performance.

With beautiful lights and delightful music, students from 35 countries with their own traditional national costumes started the performance. Different costumes with specific culture gave  audiences the feeling of wandering around the world. Kung fu performed by Pakistan students, “One Belt One Road” songs sung by Laos students, Gourd Flute solo Azalea by Uzbekistan students, Plum Blossom by the teacher from Art Academy of Lanzhou University continuously push the gala to a new high. The performance successfully ended with the school song of Lanzhou University sung by all Chinese language undergraduates.

The whole performance integrates LED astrovision technology and raw materials from movie frame to make film special effects fit the stage and overwhelmed the audience. The beautiful and romantic stage art effect presents the audience with an artistic feast that combines the exotic and Chinese aesthetics.

This festival showed foreign art and culture by crafts, food, songs and dances. The audience could feel their love for their own country and homeland, their longing for better life, and their positive attitude.

Meanwhile, the School of International Cultural Exchange planed this festival in advance and integrated many Chinese factors into it. In the foreign culture exhibition, there was a China stand which presented traditional Chinese cultural stuff, even Lanzhou local specialties made by students and teachers. In the performance of foreign costumes, Chinese students also performed with Chinese traditional dress-cheongsam. This whole festival not only provided a platform for international students to show their own cultures but also introduced Chinese culture to our foreign friends.

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